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Find Your Career in Würth's Warehouse!

Welcome to the Wurth Canada Distribution and Warehouse team! We have two warehouses in Canada. Our main warehouse is in Guelph, Ontario, and the second is in Acheson, Alberta.

Both facilities offer a clean, safe work environment for all who are on our team and we take pride in our Health and Safety practices. Both locations offer friendly staff and management with a good work-life balance.

Our warehouse operates on a one-shift Monday to Friday work schedule and honors all stat holidays.

Our Guelph warehouse offers a technological high-output picking shuttle system paired with a manual paper pick, shipping and receiving. The Guelph warehouse is climate controlled year-round which makes it a more desirable work environment.

Our Acheson location is currently under construction for expansion as we have outgrown the current warehouse. The work is expected to be completed in 2022 and our Acheson location will have doubled in size!

Both locations cross-train in all areas to make our team stronger, and to help staff transition to new opportunities as they come up.

Join our team and find that company that has that work-life balance for its employees.


Employee Testimonial

Maria Quinteros - Warehouse, Würth Canada Limited

"Logistics is a big part of my life. I have never worked for a company that respect the words “family first”, managers work with you when you miss a few hours. I feel valued and I take pride in all the day to day contribution that myself and my team make. I like the stability of my job, Monday to Friday, Day shifts. I like my position, it keeps me moving and I still learn new things everyday even after 7 years.

The one main benefit to working at Wurth is the relationships you form. There is always someone around who will have your back and help you out. We help each other with big customer request as well as order fulfillment. We work as a family to get orders completed, the atmosphere is friendly and positive.

Every day is different, work days are not planned out specifically, but every challenge has a solution and our team pulls together to get the day complete. I have work, a family life, and a warehouse position that’s still challenges me here at Wurth.”

Baljeet Mukkar - Warehouse, Würth Canada Limited

“I have been at Wurth Canada for 23 years now, and have seen the organization evolve and grow throughout these years. I can personally attest to how wonderful the organization and people are. Wurth Canada is truly an amazing place to work and grow.”