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24/7 Würth Shop - 156 Chrislea Road, Vaughan, ON L4L 8V1

Welcome to Wurth Canada’s first 24/7 Pick-Up Shop in North America!

Our new store, located at 156 Chrislea Road in Vaughan, Ontario, is a industry leading retail experience. You now have access to a range of more than 4,000 products any day and anytime.

From hardware, hand tools, electrical connectors and PPE, to chemicals, fittings, drill bits and abrasives. We have the products you need!

How does it work?

  • From 7am to 5pm Monday to Friday, our store is open for you to come and see all that we have to offer. Grab a coffee, and enjoy in our unique retail experience.
    After regular business hours, log-in to your Wurth account, and if your account is approved, you can request a QR Code below (*mobile devices only!)
  • Scan the code at the Reader located at the right front entrance of the store, and proceed inside the front doors.
  • At the first set of gates, scan your QR Code at the top of the gate and proceed inside. Grab a shopping basket or cart at your convenience, and you now have up to 1 hour to peruse and explore our vast range of premium products.
  • Approach the exit gate, scan your code to open it, and approach the check-out counter. Scan your products one at a time, and when you are finished, your packing slip will print. Your chosen products will automatically be billed to your existing account – no immediate payment needed!
  • Drop your cart/basket off, and leave the store a happier Wurth customer!
Pickup Shop

Our 24/7 Würth Shop is designed to provide an exceptional shopping experience. Find what you need in a hurry!

Why 24/7 and what’s in it for you?
  • 24/7 means you get access to our store and all it has to offer whether it’s 2am on a Friday, or 10pm on a Holiday Monday – WE ARE OPEN!
  • A safe, one person at a time shopping experience. COVID safe, and no interaction with anyone
  • Get a chance to browse our extensive product range at your discretion. Touch and feel the quality of our items to strengthen your confidence in our brand

What are you waiting for? Come check out our beautiful Würth Shop today located at 156 Chrislea Road in Vaughan.


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We're located at 156 Chrislea Road, Vaughan, Ontario...

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