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If You're Looking For a Quality Career, Come Work @ Würth

The quality of a product or service is measured by the degree to which the customers' requirements are fulfilled. At Würth Canada, we place quality at the forefront by ensuring that every product shipped meets the standards of not just us, but our customers as well. Our Quality Department ensures that Würth Canada remains ISO 9001:2015 certified.


Employee Testimonial

Thomas Lamek - Quality Control, Würth Canada Limited

"I chose to join Wurth Canada in 2015 for two reasons: the shared vision of Quality being at the forefront of a successful, growing organization, and the passion of those I encountered here at Wurth.

Every single day, I have an opportunity to ensure that Quality is what makes Wurth Canada stand out in the eyes of our Customers. From working with our suppliers and product managers to improve product quality, to driving efficiency and effectiveness within our business and operational processes and supporting our Customers and sales force – Quality and Continuous Improvement have taken root in Wurth Canada – and so have I.”