Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

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We are here to support you throughout this trying time. Würth Canada is part of the supply chain that provides safety supplies, hardware, vehicle parts/supplies and more to essential businesses and services across Canada. We understand the importance of keeping our employees and our customers safe and we are following all health and safety protocols set forth by the Government of Canada.

Our head office is currently closed to the public with warehouse and internal staff working on weekly rotating shifts. Depending on the situation in each province, many of our Sales Representatives have been asked to work from home and communicate with their customers through phone or email.

How can you purchase from us?

Essential businesses and services are our priority

We have seen a drastic spike in the sale of personal protection equipment (PPE) and select chemicals due to the pandemic. Our top priority is to get these items into the hands of those who need them the most and we are working to ensure that the government, hospitals and first responders are being taken care of first.

Products affected by COVID-19

NOTE: When you view these items online you will notice they will either say “Temporarily Unavailable” or “Add to Cart”. If an item is “Temporarily Unavailable” then you will NOT be able to order it as we are unaware when or if these will be coming into stock anytime soon. If an item shows No Stock but you are still able to Add to Cart, then you can purchase it on Back Order. This means that you will be placed in a queue and your item will ship when it comes back in stock.

All other products

Outside of the products listed above, we are receiving stock as normal and are here to provide you with all of your business needs as usual.

The COVID-19 pandemic poses unprecedented challenges to all of us. During these difficult times, it is invaluable to maintain close relationships with reliable business partners and we value the trust that you have placed in us.

To date, most of our sales representatives are still available to visit you at your facility. Alternatively, you can reach them via phone, text or email. You can also contact us at our office (toll free: 1-886-482-0740 / [email protected]).

To allow us to process your orders more efficiently, we invite you to set up a business account on our WURTH E-SHOP
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In addition our E-SHOP offers access to ONLINE ONLY sales promotions.

We are doing our best to maintain the flow of products and minimizing any service interruptions while working with our business partners to keep the supply chain as full as possible.

Health and Safety Measures for our Customers & Employees:
We at Wurth Canada have taken all necessary steps to provide a safe working environment for our sales representatives, office employees and our logistics team. In accordance with the Government and Health Authorities recommendations, all employees follow a rigorous sanitary protocol in order to ensure everyone’s safety.

You have our commitment that we will remain a reliable business partner who will continue to provide you with excellent service and products that meet your needs.

We continue to monitor the developments closely and we will communicate updates as necessary.


How do I check stock on a product?
Log-in to your account and then head to the product page of the product you are interested in. There will either a green checkmark with “In stock” next to it or a red X with “Not in stock” next to it.

How do I know when a product will be coming back in stock?
We are unable to provide expected time of arrival on products as they are constantly shifting and changing. If an item says “Temporarily Unavailable” this means that we know that we will not be getting any stock in the near future. If an item says Not in stock but you can still add it to your cart, this means that you can order it on Back Order but we are unable to let you know when you will receive your order until we receive the shipment in our warehouse.

Do you have physical locations where we can use curbside service?
No, we do not. You can purchase online through or through your Sales Representative and your order will be shipped to you.

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Need to talk to someone in person?

Call us at 1-886-482-0740.

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  • General questions about how to purchase from Würth Canada
Ask for Customer Management if:
  • You need help with your account (switching from individual to business, linking account issues, etc)
  • You need to change your shipping address or any other information on your account
Ask for Accounts Receivable if:
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  • You need help with paying an invoice
Ask for Product if:
  • You have a question about a specific product. This does NOT include inquiring about stock level