What Is SIS?
The SIS program is an inventory and profit management tool developed to aid bodyshops, dealerships and even the service industry to have better control of their inventory. The system allows the users to produce supplemental invoices detailing product usage on each repair order offering complete maintenance and control of both Würth and non- Würth products.


  • Track technicians usage of products and boost productivity
  • Produce a supplemental invoice and increase your profits
  • Generate accurate repair orders and gain in professionalism and efficiency
  • Always have the parts you need when you need them
  • Manage your inventory and know its cost
  • O.E.M. part # compatibility (i.e. body clips)

SIS will keep track of those miscellaneous items used during repairs, in addition to itemizing them on a separate invoice which can be submitted as a supplement to the original estimate. Combined with our ORSY program (ORganisation and SYstem), your inventory will be organized, available and controlled. In addition to that, it will provide to your company a great personal image of efficiency and organization in the eyes of your customers.