What is ORSY?
Würth Canada’s ORSY System, simply stated, is a complete storage and inventory control system, designed and installed by Würth’s Trained Professionals for our customer… representing ORganization with a SYstem.

As every individual customers' needs are different and constantly changing, Würth’s comprehensive range of storage systems allow us to custom design the storage bins and inventory retrieval systems best suited for each customer. This allows our customers to have direct access to stock, offer better inventory control, as well as safe, well organized stock maintenance.

Würth’s ORSY System shows our commitment to total customer satisfaction. With ORSY there is less time required for ordering regularly stocked items allowing more time for our customers' special requirements.

Significant savings can be realized by carefully monitoring high volume items as well as elimination of obsolete items.

Orsy saves our customers time and money!
Storage for assembly material such as hardware, chemical products, wire, shrink tube, fuel and vacuum line, abrasives, etc.

All in a comprehensive shelving and storage space.

Make the most of your available storage space.

Easy and quick stock retrieval.

Maintaining stock levels becomes more efficient as all products are together and in an orderly fashion.

All ORSY systems are custom designed to suit the needs of each individual customer.

A proper ORSY System creates efficiency, organization and a professional image for your company.