Würth - Partner of the M.R.O. Trades

For more than ten years now, the Metal Division has been active in the provinces of Eastern Canada and Alberta with more than 55 sales representatives. We currently service more than 3,600 customers all across Canada. Our focus is on MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Operation) clients with our very effective ORSY system that allows us to strengthen relationships, establish partnerships and to keep adequate inventory levels and product availability for our valued customers.

In the very near future, the Metal Division will also create another Division to develop Mines and the Mining industry all across Canada. The potential for development in different minerals like gold, coal, uranium, petroleum, copper and diamonds is tremendous and surely an avenue for growth in our future. To support this new market and to be closer to our customers, we will open "Würth stores" in these regions.

In our quest for ultimate customer satisfaction, top quality products and innovative solutions, another important goal for us is to offer our customers “ORSY”. ORganizational SYstems which give our customers access to over 100,000 different articles, save time and money, allow you to reduce unnecessary spending, and to consolidate suppliers.

We know that we have tremendous potential for development for the Canadian Metal Division, and our knowledge will only get better with experience.

As you can see our agenda is full of ambitious and exciting projects. We want to be as productive as we can so we can grow even faster than our plan!

We know we will make it because we love selling!